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If you were asked to read a section or a page of one of your company’s documents — once through, exactly as it was written — to a random group of people, would they find it easy to follow?


If you were asked to explain the contents of one of your documents to a random group of people, would you use the same words and language in which it was written?


If either of your answers to these two questions was no, you’re probably making the mistake many do — of writing documents to suit your writers rather than your audience.

At Reporting for Business, we know that what you have to say is important. What we do is make sure that your readers know it too. Click HERE to find out how.




Would your publications pass the ‘plain English’ test?


PLAIN ENGLISH (or plain language) is a globally recognised way of writing from the point of view of your readers.

It transforms jargon and wordiness into clear, concise and considerate language that everyone can understand.

Governments and major companies around the world recommend using plain English, as do we.

We are proud to be a judge for New Zealand’s National Plain English Awards 2018, 2019. Click HERE to find out more.

TRY OUR FREE, NO OBLIGATION, WRITING ANALYSIS and see if you pass the test – simply EMAIL US a sample document and we’ll send you a complimentary analysis, together with some tips on how to keep writing clear, concise and considerate.


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Corporate style guide

Like fashion guides, our document style guides are all about making you look good, consistently.

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Planning a document

What’s our secret to writing great documents? It’s basing what we put in them, on want we want to get out of them.

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Wordle - Plain English 3

What do happy readers, soybeans and trees have in common? There’d be an awful lot more of them if we all used plain English.

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When it comes to checking your own writing, familiarity can breed a degree of blindness or obsession! So let us obsess for you.

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Business training at office

Easy reading may be ‘damn hard writing’, but our online, distance or in-house training will keep you ahead of the game.

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Games Concept Wooden Letterpress Type

From learning aids to ice-breakers, marketing tools to corporate gifts, words can be fun. Honest!

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