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Games and exercises

In addition to our main writing services, we also compile word games, tests and quizzes upon request – for more on our crosswords, visit our CUSTOMISED CROSSWORDS page. Dealing with the lighter side of language, usually in a humorous way, word games make great training aids, ice-breakers and even mini-competitions.

All our products can be tailored to suit your organisation and/or any specific subject, theme or individual. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch. In the meantime, feel free to download any of our taster sheets below.


Plain English

Is there a particular musical decade or genre to which your team is partial? What about books, films or TV series? Whatever your preference, we’ll design your word game around it.

Sample Plain English Quick QuizName that Christmas tune #1 – quiz questions
Sample Plain English Quick Quiz (Answers)Name that Christmas tune #1 – answers

Writing for a purpose

Sometimes it’s easier to demonstrate the power of good writing by showing what happens when it goes wrong. If you have a particular purpose or subject in mind, we can draw up a “before and after” exercise that does precisely that.

Sample How NOT to write instructionsTechnical instructions – how not to – download
Sample How NOT to write instructions (Answers)Technical instructions – answer – download


Love it or hate it, punctuation is vital if you want to make life easier for your readers. We can devise games, tests or simple practice sheets to help you master the basics.

Sample Punctuation TestPunctuation tests sampler – download
Sample Punctuation Test (Answers)Punctuation tests sampler – answers – download


For more information about our tailor-made crosswords, please visit our Crosswords page.

Festive Fun CrosswordFestive Fun Crossword 2015 #1 – download
Festive Fun Crossword (Solution)
Festive Fun Crossword 2015 #1 – solution


We also compile games and exercise sheets for grammar, editing and proofreading. Contact us for more details.

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