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“Easy reading is damn hard writing.”


So said one of America’s finest novelists, Nathaniel Hawthorne. Few of us, I suspect, would disagree.

According to one data services provider around 90 per cent of today’s business communication takes place electronically, primarily through writing. According to another, an impressive 99 per cent of our Internet selling and communication is accomplished thanks to the written word. How precise these estimates are, we cannot be certain. What we are sure of is that in today’s world of non-stop chatter, electronic or otherwise, making sure that your messages are heard is paramount.

At Reporting for Business we can help you achieve this whatever the document, its purpose or your audience. Click on the headings below to find out how.



Reports should be sufficiently authoritative that they persuade readers of the logic of our arguments and convince them that we are worth taking seriously.

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Unless we communicate effectively, our messages, no matter how brilliant they are, will have little impact.

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Precise presentation reflects precise thinking. Often a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference.

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