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Customised crosswords

“Life is more fun if you play games.” (Roald Dahl)


At Reporting for Business we’re not just about the serious side of writing. We believe that words can also be a source of fun. Famous crossword fans such as Bill Clinton (who once penned a crossword for the New York Times) and Jon Stewart (who apparently proposed to his wife in a personalised crossword) would undoubtedly agree with us. That does not mean, though, that word games aren’t also good for business. Whether you are a publisher looking to attract more readers, or advertisers or a business seeking novel ways to generate interest, crosswords can be a lucrative solution.

We compile cryptic, concise and general knowledge crosswords to suit all abilities. Just tell us what you want your customised crossword to be about and we will tailor it to suit your audience and your theme. Themes we have tackled so far include Scottish politics, marketing, fine art and good food! Unlike many other compilers, we guarantee to make the majority of our clues and solutions relevant, as you can see from the sample crossword (and solution!) below.

Festive Fun CrosswordFestive Fun Crossword 2015 #1 – download
Festive Fun Crossword (Solution)Festive Fun Crossword 2015 #1 – solution

Contact us and we will send you a short questionnaire to capture the background information we need, along with our price list and delivery estimates.



Crossword picture

Far from being an unproductive expense, crosswords make good business sense. For example, a puzzle can increase a publication’s circulation in terms of both sales and ‘pass-on’ readership. Furthermore, the page on which it appears is considered a prime advertising position. By being able to command higher advertising rates a puzzle effectively pays for itself.



Wordle - crosswords

Sponsorship can be very effective in getting your business noticed. Do you remember the Famous Grouse crossword in The Scotsman or the Gordon’s Gin puzzle page in The Independent on Saturday? Competitions are another great way of rewarding existing contacts and pulling in new ones. Why not make your next one a crossword?



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Send us as much information as you can about the person, company or topic on which your customised crossword is to be based, plus an indication of the recipient’s skill level. We will then compile a customised crossword gift set complete with erasable pen, frame and solution, for your boss, colleague, friend or family member to enjoy. Delivery times to be arranged.

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