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Planning, evidence and analysis


All business writing has at least one purpose, one intended audience and one message to put across.
The trick is to merge your evidence and arguments in a way that befits all three.


YOUR CHALLENGE: The secret to writing any high-impact document is good planning. Before we even start to write we should be clear about our purpose, our audience and what it is we want to say: readers are far more likely to absorb messages that are focused and relevant to them. Another, is to make sure that what we say is credible. More often than not our aim is not just to share information but to boost our reputation, sales or income; the more convincing our evidence, the more likely we are to achieve it.

OUR SERVICE: Unlike many other writing companies, we can help you with all these elements. This includes establishing the purpose of your document, the people at whom it is aimed and the main ideas you want to put across. With our research skills we can also help to establish what evidence you require, with our numerical background what analysis and conclusions supported, and with our writing skills how best to present it all in an effective and engaging way.


Identifying your purpose, audience and messages is crucial, because they will influence not just your contents but also your format, structure and tone as well as what supporting evidence you may need.


The most plausible arguments are those backed up by sound evidence. That makes the task of working out what information you need to support your case essential.


Sometimes information from external sources can strengthen your arguments by presenting them in a wider, comparative context. We can advise on this aspect too.


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