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Corporate style guides

Your documents are the corporate voice of your organisation.
So what does it say if they have no consistency?


YOUR CHALLENGE: In many organisations, the task of writing documents is shared by different people, at various times, across multiple departments. All will have their own views on how their particular documents should look and sound. Without a set of rules to guide them – also known as a corporate style guide – what they end up producing will look and sound different too.

OUR SERVICE: If this is the case in your organisation, then a corporate style guide setting out how ALL your documents should look – in terms of formatting, terminology and other elements of presentation style – is the perfect solution. From creating a template to get you started, to working with you to populate it, we can help.

THE BENEFITS: A consistent, professional look, plus a handy reference tool for new or less confident writers.

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Corporate style guide

Style elements under this heading might include body text, headings and subheadings; font and font-size; the use of italics, underlining and boldening; paragraph and line spacing; indents and justification.


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In a corporate style guide this might cover a range of elements, from how to present years, dates, weights and measures, and numbers generally, to how to refer to people, titles, positions, places and departments.


Corporate style elements under this heading might include how to present tables, charts and figures; when to use bulleted, lettered or numbered lists; and how to format and reference quotations.

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