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Document writing

All documents have a purpose, an intended audience and a message.
The trick is to write them in a way that befits all three.


YOUR CHALLENGE: The secret to writing high-impact public documents is good planning. Before you even start to write you need to be clear about your purpose and your audience in order to determine the best way of presenting your message (the WHY, the WHO, the HOW and the WHAT): readers are far more likely to absorb messages that are focused and relevant to them.

You must also make sure that what you say is credible. More often than not, your aim is not just to share information but to persuade readers to act in some way; the more convincing your evidence, the more likely you are to achieve that.

OUR SERVICE: Unlike many other writing companies, we can help you with each of these elements. With our research skills we can help to establish what evidence you need, with our numerical skills what analysis and conclusions can be supported, and with our writing skills how best to present it all in a clear, concise and considerate way. For a list of the kind of documents we handle under this service, please see below.

THE BENEFITS: Public documents that are focused and relevant, persuasive and provocative.

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Documents we work with include but aren’t limited to: corporate publications; public information documents; consultancy/ research reports; trade brochures, flyers & articles; audit/inspection reports; statistical bulletins; leaflets & newsletters; books.


Identifying your purpose, audience and messages should always be done at the planning stage. This is because they will influence not just your contents, but also your format, structure and tone as well as the supporting evidence you will need.


The most plausible arguments are those backed up by sound evidence. This makes working out what information you need to support your case, as well as how to present it with maximum impact, essential.

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