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Business writing & report writing


In today’s world, knowledge is the currency of success. What feeds that knowledge is information,
and the single most effective method of transforming information into knowledge, is reading.


YOUR CHALLENGE: The fundamental aim of most business writing is to inform and thereby to expand the knowledge of your users, customers, partners, other professionals, employees, stakeholders, the wider public, and so on. To do this effectively, its content must be written in a way that readers can read it, understand it, and where appropriate, act upon it.

OUR SERVICE: At Reporting for Business we handle most types of document (see below for some examples). All we require from you is the information you wish it to contain, guidance on its purpose, message and intended audience, and regular contact to ensure that we are meeting your brief. Unless you direct us otherwise, our standard practice is to apply the principles of plain English, and to refer to the Economist Style Guide and Chambers for guidance on other aspects.



Corporate reports; research/consultancy papers; trade brochures, flyers and press articles; academic papers; audit/inspection reports; statistical bulletins; public information leaflets and newsletters; books.


Wordle - Plain English 3

Lengthy, convoluted writing obscures rather than clarifies, while jargon and clichés just look lazy. The best kind of writing uses language that is clear, concise, fresh and unambiguous.


Data should always be presented in a way that your readers will understand. Indexes can be a great help, especially in long documents, while glossaries are useful for clarifying complex or unfamiliar terms.

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