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Professional editing and proofreading


A mistake sends readers an unintended message that disproportionately,
but inevitably, diminishes your intended one.


YOUR CHALLENGE: Research has shown that a simple spelling mistake can cause potential clients to question the credibility of an organisation and deter them from making contact. Unfortunately, however, when it comes to checking over our own writing familiarity can breed a degree of blindness or obsession! Nor is it just the obvious things like spelling mistakes, absent or repeated words, or incorrect punctuation that we miss: we can also fail to spot logic gaps, omissions and inconsistencies.

OUR SERVICE: As your editor we can do as little or as much as you wish. That includes checking that your contents are consistent, coherent and adhere to plain English principles; that your visual formatting is consistent, efficient and adheres to equality and diversity principles; and that your grammar, spelling and punctuation are all present and correct.


English language editing

Non-native translations often lack an authentic voice, which can lessen your impact. While our services do not extend to translation, we have considerable experience in editing translations.


As an additional service we can provide notes on the edits we make and the reasons behind them. This can help you to avoid making similar mistakes in the future.


Proofreading is a narrower process than copy-editing. Rather than altering large chunks of content it involves checking that the document about to be published is a true representation of your final draft.

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