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About us

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At Reporting for Business, we believe that information is most effective when it is presented clearly, concisely and considerately.


If you want people to care about what you have to say, you have to show that you care about them. For us, that means writing for them.

That is why I set up Reporting for Business.
I’ve been producing documents of one type or another for 30 years, during a career that has spanned academic research, consumer marketing, government and the wider public sector, and now business. While most of that work has involved reports for external publication, it has also included a considerable volume of internal (e.g. corporate, board and stakeholder) documents.

I am supported by a talented group of associates, who between them bring a range of subject-matter experience – FMCG, pharmaceutical industry, banking, charities, policing and cyber security.


Why choose us

All modesty aside, we’re extremely good at what we do. Thanks to the range of skills we bring – researcher, writer, editor, proofreader and trainer – every project we take on benefits from every area of our expertise. What’s more we care about the quality of what we do, which means that whatever you ask for we always give more.

Perhaps the best way to decide about us is to read what those we have already helped – many of whom are repeat customers – have said. Click here to visit our Testimonials page.

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