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About us

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We believe that information is most effective when it is presented clearly,
concisely and considerately.


How we got started

Every business starts with an idea. Ours was to make public documents exactly that – documents that members of the public can read.

As we saw it, the problem with many publications is the style in which they’re written: long-winded, bureaucratic and heavy on the jargon. Knowing that their authors don’t set out to make readers’ lives difficult, we wanted to help. And so Reporting for Business was born. Originally focusing on report writing, we have since broadened our remit to include more Plain English editing and training.

Public writing, like public speaking, is a skill (Reporting for Business).



Who we are

My name is Emma Fossey. I’ve been producing documents of one type or another for 30 years, during a career that has spanned academia, consumer marketing, government, the wider public sector and now business. While most of that work has involved reports for external publication, it includes a wide range of internal documents too. I’m also trained in editing, proofreading and plain English, and I’m proud to be a judge for the New Zealand Plain English Awards.

I’m supported by a talented group of associates, who between them cover a breadth of subjects – fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), the pharmaceutical industry, banking, charities, policing and cyber security.

If you spend more than an hour a day writing, then you are to an extent a professional writer (the Plain English Campaign).
If that hour or more is spent writing for a public audience, then you are a professional public writer (Reporting for Business).




Why choose us

Making our customers happy is what makes us happy. And all modesty aside, we’re a very happy bunch. Thanks to the different skills we bring – researcher, writer, editor, proofreader and trainer – every project we take on benefits from every area of our expertise. What’s more, a recent business personality test confirmed what we had already suspected: that we’re slightly fixated on high standards – of our services, your documents and writing generally.

Perhaps the best way to decide about us is to read what those we have already helped – most of whom are repeat customers – have said. Click here to visit our Testimonials page.

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